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Jill Scott is so over her last relationship in the new song, “Closure.” The Philadelphia siren let’s her ex know that good “make-up sex” is not to be confused with starting anew. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

“Now you looking at me with faces, cause were in two different places. You’re thinking it’s a new beginning when I know that it’s the end. We ended our time for reason, our trouble was never pleasin, each other we got the right seasonin but that ain’t enough to plan our dreams in.”

The funky go-go track is from her upcoming WOMAN album, which debuts on July 24. It also includes the other single, “Fools Gold.” Scott also released a greatest hits album in June, titled Golden Moments. It features her classic hits, “The Way,” “Whatever,” “Long Walk,” “He Loves Me” and an unreleased single from the Hidden Beach vautl titled, “I Adore You.”

Check out “Closure” and tell us your thoughts!

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