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Lifetime’s new romantic comedy, “With This Ring” premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST and I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with the film’s leading lady, Regina Hall as well as one of the film’s executive producers, Tracey Edmonds, earlier this week.

“With This Ring” is based on the hugely popular book, “The Vow,” and tells the story of three career driven friends who decide to make a vow to get married or at least engaged within a year. In addition to Hall, Ring also stars Jill Scott, Eve, Brooklyn Sudano, Deion Sanders, Brian White, Jason George and Stephen Bishop.  The book was written by and based on the real lives and relationships of Denene Miller, Angela Burt Murray and Mitzi Miller. Although, the original story was conceived over a decade ago, Edmonds says the relationship issues these characters face are still relevant today.


“The themes are still the same and the issues are still the same. You still have these amazing fabulous women out there that for whatever reason are still single.”

According to Edmonds, she started working on the project in late 2008, early 2009 after she was given the book to read by the film’s other executive producer Gabrielle Union. They brought the project to Lifetime but after a few regime changes at the network and a few false starts; they weren’t able to get production rolling until last summer. For Edmonds, it’s a project she says was worth the wait and one she hopes audiences will enjoy.

“The book itself is such a page turner and I could so relate to these four women that were depicted in the book because they reminded me so much of myself and my four girlfriends. We felt that the stories were very relatable to today’s women and that they would embrace these characters.”

Hall, who has enjoyed a string of hit romantic comedies including “Think Like a Man,” “The Best Man” and “About Last Night,” stars as the film’s lead, Trista. She revealed that she immediately wanted to be a part of the project once she found out the producing team and after reading the script.


“Originally it started with the script. I read it and thought it was smart and poignant. I loved the characters and then when I found out who was behind the film like Tracey and Gabrielle. That really made a big difference because I knew it would be shot and done with integrity.”

Hall, who also confessed that she has taken a similar vow with her close friends, says she really enjoyed the “sisterly” bonds that were created  on and off the set with her fellow actresses and producers.

Regina and Tracey

“I think the film is about friendships which is one of the things I loved about working with these ladies.  I felt that we genuinely liked each other and I loved talking to Tracey. I found out that I had way more in common with her and the other ladies, which is an amazing type of situation to work in.”
Edmonds adds, “Off camera and on the screen, we completely experienced sisterhood. It was really a beautiful thing that took place on the set. You had Jill, Regina, Eve, Brooklyn and I, all bonding and sharing secrets about ourselves and talking about health and beauty tips and men. (LOL). We just really bonded.”

Check out a sneak peek of  “With This Ring” below and don’t forget to tune in tonight for the premiere at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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