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American Idol winner and Grammy-winning superstar, Fantasia Barrino got married over the weekend to her fiance, Kendall Taylor. The beloved vocalist and Broadway actress posted images of her nuptials on Instagram that featured a sleek and sexy red, black and white motif.  Barrino also posted a few classic shots of her and boo, who she says is the man “God made just for her.”  Check out the photos and her full message below:

Feature photos

Those who really know me know that I LOVE Water.. Can you see it? How Happy I am.. This Man.. God made him just for Me and me Just For Him.. This Man.. Covers and prays for me and my children EVERY morning.. This Man.. Loves My Father in Heaven and his name is God.. This Man allows me to just be a woman.. No more Hurt because King Kendall will never let that happen.. I’m off to just kiss, Hug and play in some water with This Man.. Look at Him in the pic YEP!! HE COVERS ME.. Be Happy with me you guys cause I’ve been thru SOOOOO much. Some stuff was my wrong decisions but all I ever really wanted was this.. Real Love. This Man and this smile is real… Later you guys bye bye for a while.. God did not forget about me….

inside photo

Inside Photo 3

Inside Photo 5

inside photo 2

Inside Photo 4

Photo Credits: Instagram/Fantasia