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They don’t call Jay Z, HOV for nothing!

The multi-platinum selling rapper and entrepreneur is the third most searched celebrity of this year. According to Billboard, Blue Ivy’s proud papa beat out Kim Kardashian, who ranks at #4 and the late Joan Rivers, who came in at #5.  The list, which is compiled by, surveys all of the queries of its 100 million global users between the dates of January 1 through November 15.

Other celebrities that made the list are Jennifer Lawrence, Ray Rice, and Derek Jeter. Surprisingly, Jay Z’s sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, was not on the list considering the elevator brawl that took place between the two of them last Spring. Not to mention, her recent wedding photos to video director, Alan Ferguson, that seem to appear on everyone’s Facebook timeline.

Also noticeably absent from the list is comedian Bill Cosby, whose been under fire regarding old and new allegations that he drugged and raped several women. Although most of these charges are from a 2006 situation, Cosby had to cancel recent tour dates and even had his upcoming show pulled by NBC.

Check out the full list below:

1. Robin Williams
2. Jennifer Lawrence
3. Jay Z
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Joan Rivers
6. Ray Rice
7. Angelina Jolie
8. Renee Zellweger
9. Kate Middleton
10. Derek Jeter

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