Written by | Ray Cornelius 

On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of moderating the Atlanta screening of the UPtv’s (formerly GMC) family drama, Comeback Dad.  The event took place during Steve Harvey’s 2014 Neighborhood Awards and was part of a one-day film series sponsored by The BronzeLens Film Festival.

RC hosting 2

RC asking questions to the panelists

Yours truly, RC served as host of the post film discussion which included cast members Brad James, Elizabeth Omilami and Donna Brisco. Rounding out the panel was scriptwriter Kimberly Walker, director Russ Parr and producers Eric Tomosunas and Keith Neal of Swirl Films.

Russ Parr sharing

 Director Russ Parr explaining why he directed the film

During the panel discussion, Kimberly Walker revealed that Comeback Dad  was based on her real-life relationship with her father.  The former beauty editor turned filmmaker further explained that writing the script was an emotional journey for her that proved to be very therapeutic in the end.  Elizabeth Omilami, who played the matriarch in the film, also talked about the importance of good father-daughter relationships and how a father’s absence in the home could adversely affect his children’s journey into adulthood.  Russ Parr also shared that one of the reason he decided to get involved with the project was because of his past experience of dating women who grew up without their fathers. There were also a number of audience members who shared similar stories and testimonies, each one praising Walker and Parr for bringing such a critical issue to the small screen.

RC hosting

 Screenwriter Kimberly Walker talking during the panel discussion

Look for Comeback Dad  to air again on UPtv this Friday, August 15.  Check out a few more pictures below from the screening and from the UPtv booth at the Neighborhood Award Expo:

Elizabeth Omilami talking

 Elizabeth Omilami giving advice on good father-daughter relationships

Donna Brisco sharing

 Donna Brisco talking about how she developed her character for the film

audience member sharing

 Audience member asking a question during panel discussion

The fellas

 Brad James, Russ Parr, and Swirl Films’ Eric Tomosunas and Keith Neal

Up Execs

 UPtv’s Vice Chairman Brad Siegel with VP of Consumer Marketing Lori Hall & guest

Brad James with Fan

 Brad James posing with a fan at the UPtv booth

cast writer and director

 Elizabeth Omilami, Brad James, Donna Brisco, Kimberly Walker and Russ Parr

Donna Brisco and with Brad James

 Donna Brisco and Brad James taking a “selfie”

Photos Credits: UPtv