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Artists from both Hip-Hop and R&B have come together for a special tribute record titled, “Don’t Shoot.” The song is dedicated to the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the senseless death of Michael Brown, who was shot six times by police officer Darren Wilson although he was unarmed. Over 14 artists contributed to the record including Diddy, 2 Chainz, Tyrese, Tank, Swizz Beats, and Rick Ross.

The Game, who also appears on the record, told Rolling Stone, “I am a black man with kids of my own that I love more than anything, and I cannot fathom a horrific tragedy like Michael Brown’s happening to them. This possibility has shaken me to my core. That is why this song must be made and why it was so easy for so many of my friends to come together and unite against the injustice.”

Check out “Don’t Shoot” below and tell us what you think.

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