‘Scandal’ gets a third season + Kerry Washington covers ‘ELLE’ for June issue

Kerry Washington as Oliva “Liv” Pope ~ Photography Credit/Washington Post 

Posted by | Ray Cornelius

There is a God somewhere!

My favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure, Scandal  has been renewed for a third season. Thank heaven for ABC, because I really do believe the die-hard Scandal fans affectionately known as “Gladiators” would have burned down the production studios had the show not been renewed. Yeah, it’s that serious!

The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes confirmed the news via Twitter on Friday saying: “It’s officially official that @GreyABC and @ScandalABC are picked up for Season 10 and Season 3, respectively. #bestfanever!!

As you can see, her other long standing hit series, Grey’s Anatomy  has also been renewed for another season.

kerry-washington-covers-elle-june-2013.jpg2In other Scandal  related news, the show’s star Kerry Washington’s new film, PEEPLES hit theaters this weekend. I recently talked to her co-star Craig Robinson, who had only good things to say about his on screen boo.

“She’s brilliant. She’s gorgeous. She’s naturally funny. She can speak different languages. She’s political. She is like the ultimate woman. I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st leading lady,” said Robinson.

Washington is also looking really hot on her first cover of next month’s ELLE Magazine. Inside she talks about new found fame and being the “luckiest broad in Hollywood.” Click here to see her photos and excerpts from the interview. The June issue of ELLE   hits newsstands May 21.


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Ray Cornelius is an entertainment news blogger and media personality. He is also the host of Jazz 91.9 WCLK's arts and entertainment show "UPFRONT." He lives in Atlanta.

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