Posted by | Ray Cornelius

RC‘s goal is to always provide readers with what’s “hot, new and next” in music, television/film and fashion.  With that said, it gives me great pleasure to introduce some personal friends of mine known as The Dangerfeel Newbies and their debut single, “Always With Me.”

Inspired by the story of Dangerfield Newby, the only African-American in the John Brown party, this Atlanta-based trio delivers a set that is deeply rooted in blues, jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, house; pretty much the American musical spectrum.

dangerfield newbies photo.jpg inside photoFormed by DJ’s Jamal Ahmad and Mark Angel and keyboardist/musician Darren “DJ” Wagner, the mission was to create a sound that encapsulated a soulful and well-rounded listening experience. Featuring the talent of countless musicians and the vocal stylings of singer/songwriter’s J.Piccola, Mashonda and Julie Dexter, their debut Hariet,  which will be released in late summer 2014, can best be described as a “groove gumbo.”

Ahmad (pronounced ak-med) says, “The mission was to dig deep inside and pull out all of our most personal influences. No matter if it’s hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest or house music in the Master At Work vein; we wanted to create a warm and personal sound.”

Check out the single below which dropped this week.

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