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A BIG congratulation goes out to Grammy-winning music producer Pharrell Williams.  The “Happy” singer received “keys to the city” from his hometown of Virginia Beach.  The ageless hip-hop star was recognized at his alma mater, Princess Anne High School on Saturday and tweeted that he was  “unbelievably honored.”  The city’s Mayor Will Sessoms, also tweeted a few notes from Williams’ acceptance speech.

“Life is like a mosaic, with a bunch of pieces and @Pharrell says he is just one piece. He thx former teachers for being part of his success…”

On the other side of the world, Williams was also being honored during the MTV Africa Awards.  He picked up the ‘Best International’ along with Lupita Nyong’o, who won ‘Personality of the Year.’

The “Key to the City” is bestowed upon distinguished persons and honored guests of any US city. The practice of presenting a key to an individual may be traced back to medieval times, when admission into a city was hampered by many legal restrictions, as well as by walls and locked gates. The key symbolized free entry.



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