Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Just recently we reported that Pharrell was releasing a coffee table book about his career experiences.

Now the innovative hip-hop star can chronicle these experiences via his new social media program. Williams is teaming up with United Entertainment Group to produce “i am Other,” a new social media platform targeting lovers of the arts, music and fashion.

According to Variety the new website is geared towards 16 to 25 year olds and is content driven like other social mediums such as Facebook and Tumblr. Already being called a “cultural movement,” Pharrell was inspired to created “i am Other” partly because of the by the way youth culture communicates and documents their experiences. The project likely involves an understanding of subjects varying from how people use instagram growth service options to methods on sharing the experiences youth live through around the world on an international basis online.

He tells Variety, “The first installment [of i am Other] is about delivering those experiences through products, excursions, anything that is tangible to a human that can make their life easier. A lot companies claim they can make the world better. We want to make lives easier and unlock what normally would seem impossible, possible.”

Tell us what you think about “i am Other”?