Written by | Ray Cornelius

RHOA Kandi Burruss’ new reality-spin-off, Kandi’s Wedding  airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Bravo.  According to the multi-Grammy winner, fans will not be disappointed and will really get a bird’s-eye-view of all the drama  leading up to her lavish wedding to fiancé and TV producer, Todd Tucker. In fact, Kandi admits that this series is more of a representation of her zany and unpredictable life than what is shown on “Housewives.”

“When I tell you that taping that wedding show…there was so much going on. There were a lot of fun times and then there were a lot of emotional moments too and a-lot-of-drama!  It’s so crazy because whenever we’re taping the ‘Housewives’ season, fans miss the craziness of my life.  See, I believe my life is crazier when we’re not taping than when we are taping,”  said Burruss. “I feel like fans will finally get a chance to see that in this new show.  From the things my mom says to the hilarity of my aunts to my friends, they really do a lot.”

When asked if she would continue the series beyond one season, Kandi says she will let the fans determine that but remains optimistic.  “I guess it would depend on what the fans think about this one.  If the fans watch it and Bravo comes back and says they would like for us to do it again,  I think we would be open to it.”

Kandi also revealed that she and Todd would like to have a son (no she ‘s not revealing any baby names) but not to look for that to happen anytime soon.  Right now, the newlyweds are busier than ever with their own passion projects.  Kandi is still promoting the DVD of her smash hit musical, A Mother’s Love  which debuted in April and is also looking to take the show on the road in a national tour.  Todd is currently filming on the West Coast with his new TV One reality-series, Hollywood Divas  and will be there through the summer.

“We’ve gone straight from being married to being in a long distance relationship now. (LOL)  I will have fly back and forth from Atlanta to L.A. like every few weeks for the next five months.  I don’t really like that part but it’s marriage I guess and I ‘love’ being Mrs. Tucker now.”

Check out the preview of Kandi’s Marriage below:

[youtube id=”BJRV1Uk-kpo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Photo Source: Bravotv.com