Kelly Rowland, Idris Elba, Rita Ora & more to appear on Pepsi’s visual album

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Billboard is reporting that Grammy winning-singer Kelly Rowland is teaming up with award winning director Spike Lee for Pepsi’s visual album, Beats of the Beautiful Game.  Reportedly, the album pairs singers with filmmakers and celebrates the game of soccer during the world cup.

“What I love about this is how creative it is,”  said Rowland, whose song “The Game” will have a video directed by Lee. “It’s a project with a whole bunch of different artists being able to do different songs. I’m excited about being a part of something like this.”

Also appearing on the album is Timbaland, Idris Elba, Rita Ora and Janelle Monae, whose track “Heroes” debuted last month.  Look for more release from Beats  beginning May 20.

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