Posted by | Ray Cornelius

So you say you wanna a body like Beyoncé huh?  Well according to megastar, it’s all in the moves.

The 31-year-old mommy spilled that “T” during her recent interview with SHAPE  Magazine. A very svelte Beyonce appears on the cover of its April edition, wearing a color blocked bikini along with her signature fly away hair.


She explains to readers that she incorporated dance moves into her workout regimen in order to lose the 57 pounds she gained while pregnant with Blue Ivy. She also urges readers not to stress over trying to be the same size as the women they idolize on television and in media.

“I’m not a person that is naturally very thin. I am a person that has to work at keeping my body in shape,” she adds.

“Not everyone is supposed to be the same. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.”