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Atlanta rapper Rocko has recently joined the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta against the wishes of his former flame. . .

Sources say singer Monica isn’t too pleased with her ex-fiance, Rocko; especially because they have children together.

Although VH1 hasn’t confirmed or denied the casting, it appears this is a go.

According to reports he’d be on the show for his contributions as an artist in the music  industry and is joining the hip-hop reality show to build some buzz for his upcoming album.

Rocko, real name Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., hasn’t seen any mainstream success since his 2008 single Umma Do Me.  The single hit number sixty-six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Rocko has an underground staple since.  He has dropped four mixtapes since fading out of mainstream’s limelight.

Check out the tweets from Monica and then Rocko below:

“Be very careful not to mistake the devil’s gifts for blessings,” Monica tweeted. “The devil knows how to grant u with what u want!! God grants u with  what u need!! The righteous walk isn’t always easy but the end result is  everlasting life. Which do u choose?”

Rocko then posted his own subliminal tweet. “WHATS FOR ME IS FOR ME!!!!! YOU  CANT STOP IT!!!!! I STAY PRAYED UP!!!!!”

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