If you are a shoe-aholic you will understand the need to pay homage to ‘foot-candy’ on a regular basis; if not daily!  Shoes are a must-have-it item for women and men alike!  From stilettos to sneakers, it’s an un-satisfying craving that thrills the best of us.  Owning and wearing a ‘hawt’ shoe is a source of pleasure.

With that being said, let’s love on the Loub’s!  The Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Booties has been seen on a few celebs since the beginning of spring; most recently on Beyonce’! 

Check out the pics below:

 Jennifer Hudson on American Idol

 Monica Brown at an NBA game

LaLa Anthony at Think Like A Man Atlanta Premiere

Beyonce’ Carter at Nets vs Heat game