Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Is Joseline Hernandez preggers or is the annoucement some of Stevie J’s shenanigans?

According to MusicTimes, the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta  star revealed during an interview with V100.7’s Reggie Brown that he and his wife’s marriage is indeeed for real and that she is expecting.

“Yeah its all real [the marriage]” says Stevie J. “We got a new addition with the family too, but I don’t want to say too much, you know? We’re extending the Jordan family if you understand what I mean.”

Reportedly, he kept repeating to Brown that the two were “extending the family” and accepted his congrats. However, it is not being reported that Stevie J ever mentioned the word “pregnant.”  He also defended his wife against the rumors that she created on him.

“They talked about Jesus, man. So who are we,” he said. “At the end of the say, when they see a real powerful, strong element in our black culture, they always try to break you down. But one thing’s for certain: the Jordans are here to stay.”

The Grammy winning-music producer also alluded to Brown during the interview that he and Joseline were prepping for a spin-off series.

So, is her pregnancy the premise of their new show? Are they finally striking out on their own?


Photo Credit: DoneBySight