Posted by | Cyrena Rose

Just months after the release of her Covered album, soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress Macy Gray delivers a new album entitled Talking Book!

Known for her distinctive raspy voice and singing style, Macy Gray’s “Talking Book,” which is billed as a “love letter” to Stevie Wonder’s 1972 classic album of the same name on the occasion of its fortieth birthday is scheduled for release tomorrow, October 30th.

Recently, Macy was interviewed by Mike Rogogna and when asked what gave her the idea to revisit Stevie Wonder’s album she simply advised…

He’s one of my favorites, and that’s got to be one of my favorite Stevie Wonder albums ever.  My producer Hal Willner, we were in Poland, of all places, doing a festival and we were talking about Nina Simone songs that he thought I should do and then he goes, “You know what no one’s ever done before? No one’s ever remade an album. You should remake an album.” He wanted me to do this Nina Simone album, but redoing hers was one of those things that should be left alone. It got me on the track of remaking an album and Talking Book was the first one that I thought of because I just know it inside and out and I know what year it was made, I know what studio he was at, I know how many tracks are on it. I just knew I could interpret that.

To read the entire interview, click here and be sure and get your copy of Talking Book.