Posted by | Ray Cornelius

The Grio is reporting that comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle may be going on tour.

Apparently while visiting the Today’s Show  this past Tuesday, Rock hinted to show host Matt Lauer that both are considering a joint nationwide tour.  “Maybe,” Rock said. “Me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together. But we will see.”

Rock was on the show promoting the home video release of the mega hit cartoon film, Madagascar  in which he plays the colorful zebra character, Marty.  He also revealed that the song his character sings, “Afro Circus” was just an ad lib for his daughter.

“My daughter Lola was at the (recording) studio and she was just bored out of her mind,” he said, so he tried to make her laugh.

What are your thoughts on a Rock and Chappelle comedy tour?