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Congratulations are in order to funnyman Dave Chappelle. The comedic actor is back on the scene and is one of GQ’s Men of the Year.  A more buff Chappelle appears on the cover and talks exclusively to the magazine about everything from his 10-day run at Radio City Music Hall to his opinion of Tyler Perry to his views on “Celebritydom” to the Donald Sterling debacle and much more. He also appears in a pretty cool fashion spread that features threads from Tom Ford, Salvatore Ferragamo and John Varvatos.
Check out his dope photos and a few excerpts from the interview below:

DC Inside Photo 4

Chappelle reveals why his Radio City gig was a must…
I have a show-business bucket list. There’s just certain things that every entertainer always dreamed of doing. When I was 19, I used to walk up Sixth Avenue and look at the marquee of Radio City. I’d see the lines outside. I’d be like, “Man, I just want to… Radio City!” It just so happened the venue was open during the same time frame I was willing to play. The venue opened up for an astounding ten days. And I said, “Well, can we do all ten? You know, can I even do that business? I haven’t played New York in so long.” I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity.

DC Inside Photo

Chappelle on why he would love to guest star on a few TV shows…
For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can. I love television. The fact that television ultimately made me famous was very gratifying for me. Chris Tucker did it in movies, and Chris Rock did it from his stand-up, which was very impressive. But you know, the thing that people most will remember me for is Chappelle’s Show. If I were to never do anything else, that show would be a culmination of what was a very long and tedious process of me learning how to be in the television business.  I’d be a zombie in The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I’d be the first black guy to fuck Olivia Pope on Scandal…

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Chappelle’s thoughts on Tyler Perry’s impact…
He’s [Tyler Perry] a pretty prolific dude. What he was able to accomplish is very, very impressive. There’s no way you could look at it and not be impressed. And what I like about what he did initially with those Madea movies is that it was an after-church crowd. Like, he was the first guy I saw in mainstream media that was speaking directly to that audience. I like that about him.

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Chappelle on Celebritydom…
Fame can be a tough thing.  Some people have great experiences in show business. We’ll say, for lack of a better term, I had an allergic reaction to some of the things that I was going through.
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Chappelle on when he realized his comedic talents as a youth…
 I didn’t start coming into my own as a guy until I was 12 years old. I can actually remember the moment. I went to a party. I was scared to go to this party, but I ended up going anyway. And when I got there, it was like I could tell everyone was really happy I came. And then a kid explained to me, “Man, it’s not as much fun when you’re not here.” And I was like, Oh, I didn’t know that. I didn’t realize that kids thought I was funny—that I had actual friends. Even at 14, when I started doing stand-up, I was always a pack animal. I’d like to be a lone wolf, but I’m just not.
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