Posted by | Ray Cornelius

I’ve been told by many singer-songwriters that inspiration for a tune can come from just about anywhere or anything. So it’s no surprise to me that R&B vocalist, Ne-Yo wrote the hit song “Irreplaceable” based on his aunt’s reaction to her cheating boyfriend.

According to, the singer revealed this during last night’s VH1 Behind the Music  special.  Ne-Yo, whose song appeared on Beyoncé’s 2006 B-Day  album, says the lyrics came about as a result of his aunt telling her unfaithful boyfriend to put all of his things in a box on the left side of the closet.

“I remember him coming to the house and him looking in the closet and going, ‘Where is my this, where’s my that?’ and she said, ‘Oh, in the box to the left of the closet. Everything you own is in that box and everything I bought is over here,’” Ne-Yo recalls.

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