Posted by | Ray Cornelius

A few weeks ago RC reported that Young Money CEO Lil Wayne was taking a break from recording music to focus on his skateboarding career. He also indicated that he wanted his own line of skateboarding shoes. Now it looks as if Wayne is taking a step forward and turning that dream into a reality. is reporting that the hip hop star is partnering with skateboarding shoe brand SUPRA for a new line of shoes. He recently told MTV news that the partnership was bound to happen.

“I was just rocking them when I was skating and stuff and when I got real cool with the homey [professional skateboarder] Stevie Williams, it was kinda like a plug from him,” Wayne told MTV News. “He [Williams] been with SUPRA. He just let them know. Even before I was skating, I was rocking SUPRAs before I even knew what they were. It was just a mutual respect on each end so it was just bound to happen.”

Look for Lil Wayne’s shoe collection to hit stores in May 2013.