Written by | Ray Cornelius

You know you’re a bad chick when you are instantly recognized by just your first name!

For these 10 female entertainers, that’s all it takes!  No last name required!  But it’s more than just their fame and legions of adoring fans that make these women great.  These women are trailblazers who left a path for many of today’s musical artists and entertainers to follow.  They are also mavericks in other areas of show business including television, film, stage, fashion, philanthropy and even literature.

Instead of following status quo, these women created the status quo, blazing trails in unchartered territories where very few Black entertainers had ever gone before.  From a preacher’s daughter to a ’round-da-way’ girl to a little baby sister and the original ‘dreamgirl’, these are the Black female singers and entertainers who changed music forever!

Aretha Franklin | The Queen of Soul

Diana Ross | The Ultimate Entertainer

Tina Turner | The Queen of Rock & Roll

Donna Summer | The Queen of Disco

Sade | International Sultry Songtress

Whitney Houston | The Greatest Voice of All

Janet Jackson | The Quintessential Pop and Dance Music Icon

Salt & Pepa | Hip-Hop Pioneers

Mary J. Blige | The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul

Beyoncé | The Heir Apparent