Posted by | Ray Cornelius

TV One’s most popular show, UNSUNG aired last night with the riveting story of rock, soul and funk legend Sly and the Family Stone.

Each Monday night at 9pm, UNSUNG will take viewers on a non-stop musical journey into the lives of black music’s most underrated vocalist and entertainers.  Whether they were individuals who were on the brink of major stardom or mega stars that lost it all due to addiction or personal tragedy, UNSUNG will give you the “real-deal-Holyfield” on some of your favorite singers and have you dusting off that old vinyl by the end of the show.

Check out the rest of this season’s exciting line-up:

Con Funk Shun

The Marvelettes

Angela Bofill

Kool Moe Dee

Gerald Levert

Lou Rawls

Arrested Development