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It’s no secret that Brandy is having the time of her life.  From a highly-anticipated new album to numerous television appearances and red carpet moments, The R&B starlet is definitely experiencing resurgence in both her music and acting careers with no plans of slowing down.

She recently talked to BET about returning to television, her up-coming role in Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor  and why she is excited about this year’s BET Awards, scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 1.

Here are a few excerpts from her interview…

On playing her character Chardonnay on BET’s The Game

I plan to do a lot of episodes of The Game. That’s my dream. I love that character as well. She’s just so ghetto-fabulous and so free. She says what she wants. She’s loud. She’s completely different from who I am in my life. I have so much fun playing Chardonnay. I love her.

On working with Tyler Perry…

That was an incredible experience. Tyler Perry is an amazing person. And to pick me for this role, it was a great opportunity. I’m one of the leads, not the marriage counselor. It’s Jurnee Smollett’s movie. It’s also with Vanessa Williams, Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian. I have most of my scenes with Lance Gross. I had one scene with Jurnee and the rest with Lance. I wish I could have worked with everyone.

On attending this year’s BET Awards…

I haven’t been to the BET Awards in a long time, so I just want to go and see what happens. I know a lot of great artists are going to be there. I want to see the performances and be a part of a great night.

On promoting her new Whitney Houston ‘inspired’ album…

I definitely want to tour. I miss the stage, I miss connecting with my fans and I would love to go out there and see them face-to-face.

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