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Nobody loves a comeback story better than I do.  So it is with great pleasure to report that ex-Xscape star LaTocha Scott is back on the music scene with a new single, “Bad Timing,” as well as a new look and a new found zeal for life.

She recently sat down with BET and discussed her return to the spotlight as part of their “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself” series.  Here are a few snippets from the interview…

On life after Xscape…

Music never left me, I just wasn’t as visible as everybody else,” she says. “I found out what life was like outside of the group — did some soul searching, took time to reflect, took time with my son, continued to write songs. I was still a busy lady.

On the success of her new iTunes single, Bad Timing

It’s overwhelming. The song is doing great things. I love that people are embracing it — it’s sort of self-explanatory. Sometimes you fall in love but you find out the timing is all wrong, whether they’re in a relationship already, or with their career. Everyone can relate to it.

On her slimmed-down look…

I was known as ‘the big girl.’ I was determined to escape that label, that image people had of me. I started eating better: stopped eating red meat, stopped eating pork, then I became a pescatarian. I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, started to work out, and the weight just started coming off. I’m happy in my skin.

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