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The New York-based clothing line Brooklyn Industries recently announced that its summer 2012 collection will be a hot topic both on and off the runway.

According to BI’s creative director Vahap Avsar this next line will focus on racism and race relations with looks inspired by three of Spike Lee’s ground-breaking films on the subject including “Jungle Fever,” “School Daze” and “Do The Right Thing.”

The idea was birthed out of Avsar’s own experiences of racism and prejudice as an immigrant in Brooklyn. Although Avsar has witness racial harmony within the historic neighborhood, he is still concerned about the apparent segregation and racial aggression among its inhabitants, a point he will also address within the collection as well.  The company’s website had this to say about this fairly new and bold approach towards improving race relations:

“Our objective is not to tell the community how and what to think regarding race but as a brand that is deeply invested in the local community, we felt it imperative to continue the conversation on what many deem as a historical issue, one that no longer exists because of the progress that has been made since the days of slavery, internment camps and civil rights. While we do not discount the many accomplishments of those who have worked tirelessly to create equal opportunity, we do want to remind our community that diligence is needed and a desire to strive for progress is essential in creating a productive and truly blossoming community.”

Here is one of our favorite scenes from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. It will be interesting to see how this is played out on the runway!

[youtube id=”gLYTObRhcSY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Tell us what you think about this idea of fashion addressing social issues like racism?