R&B divas, Chaka Khan and Natalie Cole both appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show last night discussing the latest developments in the Trayvon Martin case and their friend, the late Whitney Houston.

Khan appeared first, discussing with Morgan everything from new accusations of Trayvon Martin violently attacking George Zimmerman to whether or not this case is a racial issue.

Khan, like many other African-American celebrities, have recently expressed “outrage” over the young man’s murder and question whether this would have been the same issue if it were a little white boy killed by a black man.

Chaka on why the black community is so angry about the Travyon Martin case…

“We are sick and tired in America of seeing little children lost. Children gone missing and they never make the 9 o’clock or the 5 o’clock news. You can go back the last five years and I don’t think…I think one other kid…black child…a football player was covered on the news. I think there is really something wrong with that. And that is the racial aspect of this.”

Chaka on is America more or less racist since getting its first black president…

“Well, I think we’ve seen some things happening and some things being said about Obama that I think were sort of on the racist side. I really don’t think America has come that far when it comes to stamping out or stopping racism, period; since the end of slavery. Because I think we’ve become more cerebral about it. I just think the way it’s applied now is just a lot smarter.”

During the interview Piers Morgan showed the video to a song that Khan and a number of celebrities recorded included Boris Kodjoe and Angela Bassett entitled, “Super Life.” It was produced within 48 hours with the hopes of raising awareness about Trayvon Martin and violence against children.

[youtube id=”6mStv1F7FqM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In that same hour, the “Unforgettable” Natalie Cole discussed the death of singer Whitney Houston and her thoughts on the latest toxicology report. Cole was very candid about her feelings and shared a few fond memories of her friendship with Houston.

Natalie on Whitney’s death…

“Whitney was a very strong woman. I believe she knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t think that she meant to leave here. And once the toxicology report came in, I wasn’t surprised. Everyone wanted to believe that you know, after at least two rehabs, that she was coming along. But the demons were still chasing her.”

Natalie on Whitney’s life being a wasted life or an inevitably short life that had some really high moments…

“Well, I don’t think it was wasted. Because she got some good stuff out there before she left here. I see a woman who really wanted to please everybody. She knew what she had. She knew her talent. She knew her power. You know? And she had faith beyond compare. It’s too bad that she is not here. I was so upset about it that. I was just angry. I was really angry.”

Here is a video of Natalie and Whitney performing during the 1989 NAACP Awards. This image of the two of them singing together is the happier memory Cole wishes to remember about her friend.

[youtube id=”-uE1Dho_3UA” width=”600″ height=”350″]