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CONGRATS to my buddy and award-winning interior design star Michel Boyd. He is one of three new hosts of Bravo’s new series Buying It Blind.

This series will follow different couples that can’t decide, or can’t agree, on what kind of home to buy. At a breaking point, they decide to take a radical step and blindly hand the decision – and their entire budget – over to a team of three industry experts who will be charged with making the choice for these couples. The expert team will choose the property for the buyer, who will not get to view the property prior to purchase, and then be challenged to take the house through a stunning renovation. Will the experts create the buyer’s dream home? Or will the client end up with buyer’s remorse?

Anna Kilinski serves as the show’s realtor and Jen Metzger is the contractor.

“Every new client is an opportunity to share my gifts/operate in my purpose: I don’t take them lightly and I’m excited to finally share what the helllll I’ve been doin,” said Michel Boyd on Instagram.

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Photo Credit: It Blind