Posted by | Ray Cornelius

How do you mend a broken heart? TV One’s new original film, Dinner For Two, poignantly illustrates that it can be a long journey from love lost to acceptance. Premiering Sunday, September 2 at 7p.m./6c on TV One, this complex love story stars R&B sensation and actor Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds and breakout star Chaley Rose along with Prince Hammond and Shaun Baker.

In a complicated love story about life and sacrifice, Dinner for Two stars Wilds as Chris Moore, a man trying to come to terms with true love lost, playing opposite Rose as his beloved Angela. When his soul mate, Angela, leaves him, his life became a complicated mess. Now he is facing a major decision about his future, and drinking heavily, as he can’t seem to move past mourning the relationship. Broken-hearted, Chris prepares a favorite meal that he and Angela shared on many romantic evenings together. As he breaks bread with the love of his life for perhaps the last time, he revisits what made him love her in the first place.

“TV One is thrilled that we are able to showcase the talents of up and comers Chaley Rose and Tristan Wilds, whose acting skills seamlessly bring this emotional and intricate script to life,” says Robyn Greene-Arrington, Interim Head of Programming. “Their natural chemistry lends itself to the story, offering viewers the chance to get lost in the relatable narrative of love and loss.

Photo Credits: TV One