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CONGRATS goes out to Tyler Perry Casting Director Rhayvnn Drummer. Her new digital series “Brooklyn.Blue.Sky” has been picked up by BET and will air exclusively on Tuesday, November 21. (Won’t He Do It!)

According to the press release, “Brooklyn.Blue.Sky” focuses on two distant exes, Skylar (played by Jenelle Simone) and Blue (played by Mike Oloyede), who reluctantly decide to come together to create a script for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ TV Pilot competition. Before they submit, they have to untie the binds that held them captive to their youthful love. The story is brought to life by a diverse cast including La Rivers as Giselle, Shannon Wallace as Hawthorne, Adiagha Faizah as Dr. Simone, Roland Lane as Duncan, Nicolette Ellis as Charice and Belle Caplis as Ellie.  “Brooklyn.Blue.Sky” was also created and written by Dui Jarrod. It is also the first web series acquired by BET Digital. #YAY

Drummer appeared as a guest on my weekly radio show #UPFRONT, this past weekend where we dished about the “dos and dont’s” of auditioning. I guess she wasn’t at liberty to talk about the project because of BET’s big reveal this week. At any rate, I am very proud of her and can’t wait to see it all. Listen to our exclusive interview.

Click here to watch the “Brooklyn.Blue.Sky” trailer!

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