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Mary J. Blige has had an eventful 2017 to say the least. The Grammy-winning music diva, actress and fashion maven released her husband, released a new album and is now gearing up to release a new movie, “Mudbound.”

The multi-platinum selling artist is profiled in the November issue of ESSENCE where she opens up about the film project coming at a time of major change in her life on and off the stage.

“If I didn’t let go and give into the character, the movie probably wouldn’t be what it is right now. It was the one thing that needed to be done, and I couldn’t let Dee down.”

“Mudbound” follows the McAllan family, newly transplanted from the quiet civility of Memphis and unprepared for the harsh demands of farming. Despite the grandiose dreams of Henry (Jason Clarke), his wife Laura (Carey Mulligan) struggles to keep the faith in her husband’s losing venture. Meanwhile, Hap and Florence Jackson (Blige and Rob Morgan) — sharecroppers who have worked the land for generations — struggle bravely to build a small dream of their own despite the rigidly enforced social barriers they face.

“Mudbound” has already garnered critical acclaim and some pre-Oscar buzz and will debut on Netflix beginning Friday, November 17.

All Hail the QUEEN!

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