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Who, at 64 years young, can rock a red & black bodice, balance a huge red headpiece, hula-hoop and sing at the same time?  None other than the uncomparable Diva GRACE JONES!  Grace Jones performed Slave To The Rhythm at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert, Buckingham Palace, London, England on June 4th.  Bishop Noel Jones acknowledged his sister, Grace Jones and wished he could be at Buckingham Palace with her.

Jamaican-born model, singer, songwriter and actress Grace Jones’ career began in 1973 and she is still going strong.  She started out as a model and became a muse to Andy Warhol.  A few years later in 1977, she secured a record deal with Island Records which launched her musical career.  Jones was known for her androgynous look, square-cut hair and her angular padded clothes (created by designer Jean-Paul Goude, with whom she has a son named Paulo).

Grace Jones is a legendary artist that cannot be compared to the likes of Lady Gaga or Madonna; both of which copied Jones’ style!  She is considered to be the original diva, an icon and a true force of nature!  She represents a time where being provocative was organic; now it’s the new normal!

Enjoy Grace Jones’ performance & take note that the diva never stopped hula-hooping:[youtube id=”mNAG-oj4PWk” width=”600″ height=”350″]Love her!