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Supermodel Naomi Campbell is expanding her fashion and beauty empire by launching her very own clothing line in 2015.

According to The Cut, Campbell was a panelist at the British Vogue  Festival on Sunday in London when she was asked about her style and whether she considered having her own line. Campbell replied with a resounding ‘yes’ but didn’t give too many details about her plans.

“I always had this feeling of, I love working with designers — I don’t want to be their competition, and maybe if I do my own line they won’t work with me anymore,”  she said. “Now I’ve grown up a bit more, I will be [launching a line]; yes … I will design not just for women of color, but for all. I see there’s lots of things that are not there that I feel that I’d like to have, and so I’d like to share it with everybody. So yes, I will, and hopefully one of the things will be out by 2015.”

In addition to the line, Campbell is working on a coffee table book of naked photographs with noted photographer Paolo Roversi.

“I thought they were never going to be seen,” she said. “They’re nude pictures of me from 15 years ago. I said, Not coming out, not coming out! And then I finally decided they can come out. But they’re tasteful.”

Congrats Naomi!

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