Written by | Ray Cornelius

What better way to celebrate 4/20 (you know what I’m talkin bout) than by watching DJ Pooh’s new comedy #GROWHOUSE. It opens in theaters today and should definitely be on your list of movies to see this weekend.

The story follows two unlikely heroes Pat (DeRay Davis) and Darius (Lil’ Duval), who figure they can help the medical marijuana movement by trying to grown their own cannabis and selling to the dispensaries. There’s only one problem… knowing how to smoke marijuana doesn’t mean you know how to grow it! After taking a trip to Dr. Doobie (Malcolm McDowell) to become legally certified growers, they gain access to a Bel-Air mansion to use as a “grow house.” Although they convince Snoop Dogg (played as himself) to fund their operation, our heroes soon discover what can grow wrong, will go wrong in this comedy of errors. Everything from a lack of understanding of how to retail seed to sale and other business nitty gritty, to the whacky shenanigans that are around the world of cannabis, and all it entails can happen, and what does is endlessly hilarious and entertaining. The story centers around smoking weed and doesn’t really touch on the other forms of cannabis, such as CBD oil (check here for a discount on CBD oil), probably because they have so much trouble growing it to smoke, carrying out the extraction process required for the oil would go very wrong. But, hey, that’s an idea for the sequel!

#GROWHOUSE also stars Raquel Lee, Faizon Love, Zulay Henao, Charlamagne Tha god, Martin Star, King Bach and the legendary George Wallace, who talked to me about his role in the film and more on #UPFRONT!

Check out photos from the recent Atlanta premiere which featured the film’s stars and other special invited guests including If Loving You is Wrong stars April Parker Jones and Joel Rush, Married to Medicine’s Genise Shelton, actor Mike Merrill, Pastor Troy and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Shay Johnson.

Raquel Lee

Genise Shelton and April Parker Jones

DeRay Davis

Joel Rush

Tangi Miller

Mike Merrill

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