Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Soul music singer, Goapele is flexing her acting muscle as the lead in a new indie project titled #WhereIsBeauty. According to the film’s director Angela McCrae, the 11-minute short targets multi-cultural women grappling with issues of self identity, the definition of beauty and the pressure of society’s current standards.

“#WhereIsBeauty is special for me due to the selfless support of friends and the powerful message to ALL women across the world. My background in broadcast news provided a glimpse of the pressure women experience in front of the camera and the insecurities of women behind-the-scenes in a male-dominated industry,” says McCrae on her 2016 Go Fund Me Page. “With the advent of social media, our culture has dramatically morphed beauty into excessive selfies, flawless filtering and homogenous models. #WhereIsBeauty will be a visual depiction of a woman’s journey to define beauty.”

#WhereIsBeauty was written by April Maubty and was shot in 2016. It will screen as this year’s Pan African Film Festival on February 10th and 15th in Los Angeles, CA.

Check out a snippet below and tell me what you think.

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