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The Game’s Barry Floyd is starring in a new indie project titled, Brazilian Wavy. The film is a comedic story of a socially awkward inventor who has an unlikely breakthrough and becomes the Michael Jordan of hair. The project is loosely based on the founders of Luster Products and is was created by first time filmmaker, Kirk Henriques.  Check out the full synopsis below:

barry Floyd inside photo 890Remy is a young man in his 20s, a scientist and inventor who is heart broken after his now ex-girlfriend Jin is seen with another man. To get back at Jin, Remy masterminds a prank on her father’s Korean owned beauty supply store. With the help of his roommate Zakia and brother Mavo, it escalates from a prank to a heist worth thousands of dollars in hair extensions. This sets off a series of events as the only beauty supply store is forced to close down, leaving people desperate for hair products. Remy’s newest innovation was originally created for his brother Mavo the barber. However, when his formula reacts with his roommate Zakia’s human hair extensions, Remy accidently has a breakthrough! He creates his first hair product. In this comedy, Remy goes from having only one girlfriend; to becoming the ladies’ man, with his newly found aphrodisiac, “Brazilian Wavy”. This new power over weave-aholics consumes Remy, and his dreams of creating a business and giving back to the community become much less of a priority. It’s only a matter of time that the ripple effect of a shortage of hair products in the neighborhood, comes back to bite him.

The project is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. Clich here to make a contribution and check out a special message below from the filmmaker, Kirk Henriques:

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