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It’s hard to believe it but it’s been 34 years since an African-American actress has taken home a Golden Globe award in the category of Best Actress in a TV comedy. Legendary triple threat star Debbie Allen was the last one to do so in 1983 for her iconic role as dance choreographer Lydia Grant in “Fame.”

Well, all of that changed Sunday evening when comedic actress Tracee Ellis Ross picked up the award for the first time in her career during the live telecast of “The Golden Globe Awards.” The 44-year-old performer, who was attending the awards ceremony for the very first time, earned the coveted trophy for her role as Dr. Rainbow Johnson in ABC’s hit series “black-ish.” Ross thanked her co-stars and her family but most of all the numerous women of color who have too often been overlooked by Hollywood.

“This is for all the women of color and colorful people whose stories, ideas and thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. I want you to know that I see you. We see you!”

Ross later said that the award was even more significant upon hearing that she was the first Black women to win it in over three decades.

“It means a lot,” said Ross to told reporters, adding that she felt “special” to be grouped in with Allen. “I’m going to have to ponder [it] for the next couple days. More of it is for our industry to ponder. The work is there. The stories are there.”

Check out the full acceptance speech below:

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