Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Bruno Mars is having the ultimate Las Vegas dance party in the brand new music video for his song “24K Magic.” The 3-minute clip featuring lots of “ass and cash” was released on Friday and has already been viewed by nine million people. And while some fans have criticized Mars for the song sounding too much like “Uptown Funk”, I think he has created a niche for himself that will make his music standout from all the rest of the clutter we hear on radio these days.

“24K Magic” is an eclectic mix of 80s pop, rap and R&B with that classic Roger & Zapp opening, the Kurtis Blow and “The Breaks” undertones and the Michael Jackson-esque vocals. Even his dramatic dance moves are reminiscent of old school acts like Morris Day and The Time. The heavy synthesizers throughout is also a nice touch that is sure to have Millenials shaking their heads as it will their “beer in a brown paper bag holding, cigarette on the bottom lip smoking, foul mouth cussin” aunt or uncle (no judgement here, every family has one). I mean, who can’t appreciate the line that says, “Oooh shit! I’m a dangerous man with money in my pocket!”

Check out the video below and tell us what you think!