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Grammy-winning R&B/Pop diva Jody Watley is back with brand new music and a new group—Shalamar Reloaded. The trio is scheduled to play Los Angeles’s legendary Roxy Theater on January 29. Watley along with Nate Alan Smith and Rosero McCoy will perform songs from the Shalamar vault including “Second Time Around” and “A Night To Remember. ” She will also sing hits from her 80’s and 90’s albums as well.  This will be Watley’s first full major live concert in Los Angeles since The Wiltern Theatre in 1989.

“There was a fist fight in the dressing room in the early days of Shalamar when we played here.” Watley laughs. “I’m looking forward to a new fun experience. It’s the first place I saw Prince as well..and so it’s cool to give Nate and Rosero this opportunity. It’s also the day before my birthday which will make it even more special.”

Fans will also get to enjoy music from Watley’s PARADISE album which features the club tracks “Nightlife” and “Dancer” as well as the group’s singles “Slow Dance” and “O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L,” which takes on internet trolls and cyber bullying.

Check out the “Slow Dance” video below and click here for concert tickets:

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