Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Award winning-filmmaker Lee Daniels told BILLBOARD recently that he is really interested in turning the famed LGBTQ movie “Paris is Burning” into a musical.  Reportedly, Daniels is in talks to do a show about his own life and confessed that he would also be interested in creating a separate stage version of the classic indie film along with media maven Queen Latifah.

“Paris is Burning” is an iconic documentary that sheds light on the origins of vogueing, Harlem’s Drag Queen Balls and New York City’s infamous underground gay culture of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The film introduced mainstream America to gay slang such as  “Children,”  “shade,” “read,” “house” and other words that are widely used today. It also featured a number of unforgettable characters who were, in many respects, ahead of their time. Daniels credits the movie and “Dreamgirls” as a major influence on his life.

I actually watched “Paris is Burning” in its entirety for the first time last year at a friend’s movie night and immediately thought it would make for great Broadway or Off-Broadway show. Just imagine the over-the-top dance numbers, the “sanging” and the larger-than-life stories. One character that stood out the most to me in the film was (and one that I think is absolutely necessary for any staged production) is Dorian Corey. Her dramatic life is one for the history books. She was a famous drag performer who murdered a former lover and had his body tucked away in an old trunk in her dressing room (I can’t make this sh*t up). Just her storyline alone would make for an very funny and unapologetically brash hit musical. I really need to be on that producing team ASAP. Hey Lee Daniels…CALL ME!

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