Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

So you want to commemorate Hillary Clinton‘s historic moment as the first woman to lead a presidential ticket for a major party?  Well, the House of Hillary may have just what you need to get started. It’s a new line of high quality T-Shirts that promote Clinton as America’s first female President as well as other empowering messages about women in politics.

The “Clinton Couture” line ranges from T-Shirts to Tank Tops to Baby Onesies with such pop culture slogans featured on them like “Hillary -vs- Everyone,” “I met the President and He’s a Woman” and “High Heels High Office.”

I had a chance to chat recently with the line’s creator, Curtis Thomas, who claims that each House of Hillary item was designed to encourage a new generation of legislators, senators and congressional leaders. He also wants them to understand that exercising their political power and rights go far beyond the polls.

“The House of Hillary was really just a concept to try to keep young people engaged and to keep them involved with an overall awareness to the issues at play. What can be cooler than a T-Shirt? Something that can really galvanize and organize people. Politics needed to catch up with the times and this is my contribution to that,” says Thomas.  “My focus is also young people who may be a little turned off by politics right now. So we’re trying to make them understand that there is a role for them to play and it’s not always just at the voting booth.”

Thomas also expressed that while the clothing line may possess Clinton’s name, it’s not so much about her as it is about getting more women in political offices.


“Yes, Hillary is our preferred candidate. However, we know that politics works through coalitions and people working together. Of course within a party system, everyone doesn’t like the same person yet a lot of the same goals overlap. Some of the shirts have her [Hillary Clinton] name on them and do speak to her candidacy but then there are those that speak to Democrats in general or progressive ideas or just women voting. Take the T-Shirt that says, ‘Polls Before Bros.’ If you look at the makeup of Congress which is overwhelming male and you look at our voting population which is overwhelmingly female, that shirt is just trying to give a little bit of recognition to the voting power of women. It also encourages them to run for office.”

Celebrity endorsements of the brand have come from actress Garcelle Beauvais and “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant. They’ve also gotten a few retweets from “The Talk” host and comedienne Sheryl Underwood as well as TV and film legend Cicely Tyson.

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