Written by | Ray Cornelius

While some girls are out there “chasing destiny,” Atlanta-based trio Glamour are actually living it. The R&B group from Kandi Burruss’ Kandi Koated Entertainment are turning heads and creating quite a name for themselves with hot renditions of Beyoncé’s “Formation” and “Dangerously In Love” as well as Rihanna’s club banger “Work.” Their YouTube videos not only display their amazing vocal talent and slick dance moves but the girls are gaining a global fanbase. They’ve even caught the attention of music veteran Brandy, who invited them out to the video shoot of her new single “Beggin and Pleadin,” after seeing their rendition on YouTube.

Birthed out of Natasha Garcia’s AGI Performing Arts School, Glamour—-Moriah, Lady and Kaylan—-have all been training for this moment in the spotlight for quite some time now. And while the girls enjoy emulating groups of the past like Destiny’s Child and TLC, they are bound and determined not to succumb to the pressures and pitfalls of their idols. For Glamour, their connection goes beyond their harmonious “oohs and ahhs,” they have a sisterhood that is not to be challenged.

IMG_5794“We’ve been working together for a long time and we have great chemistry. I mean, we’re sisters and we love what we do and can’t wait to take over the world,” says Lady. I really love it when people leave negative comments on our videos because I’m like, ‘were gonna prove you wrong’ and the fact that you are hating on us proves that we’re doing something right!”

Girl groups have always been known for their melodies as well as their inner turmoil. From The Supremes to En Vogue to Xscape, each one has had its fair share of dramatic breakups and reunions. However, the girls of Glamour are confident in their sisterly bond and have a mutual understanding that no one member is bigger than the group.

“You know this industry, especially in a girl group, is going to try and tear you apart and pull each member in different directions. So, you really just have to know what your purpose is in the group and understand that no one is bigger than the group. You also have to know what you’re lane is and what you here for “your purpose” and be really confident in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different,” says Kaylan.

Check out Glamour and Brandy on the set of “Beggin and Pleadin” below:

Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com