Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Here’s something that will have you laughing out loud. It’s the new Red Band Trailer for upcoming comedy flick, “Meet the Blacks!” The film is a spoof of the hugely popular 2013 science fiction horror “The Purge” and opens nationwide on April 1st.

The Black family is getting out of Chicago in hopes of a better life. After Carl Black (Mike Epps) recently came into some unexpected funds, Carl takes his family and leaves the hustling lifestyle behind for something better. Carl, his wife Lorena (Zulay Henao), son Carl Jr., daughter Allie Black (Bresha Webb) and cousin Cronut (Lil Duval) pack up and move to Beverly Hills. As luck wouldn’t have it, Carl couldn’t have picked a worse time to move. They arrive right around the time of the annual purge, when all crime is legal for twelve hours.

“Meet the Blacks” also features George Lopez, Mike Tyson, Gary Ownens, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Perez Hilton, King Bach, DeRay Davis, Lavelle Crawford and comedy legend Paul Mooney.

“Meet the Blacks” is written, produced and directed by former pro basketball player turned filmmaker Deon Taylor and features original music written, produced and performed by RZA.