Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Check out a teaser for the upcoming biopic about legendary Olympic track star Jesse Owens titled, RACE.  The film opens in February during Black History Month and stars Canadian actor Stephan James as the iconic sprinter.

As previously reported, this project will “focus on Owens shattering Adolf Hitler’s myth of Aryan supremacy at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by winning a record four gold medals in the 100-meter dash, the 200 meter dash, the long jump and the 400-meter relay.”

The film is directed by Stephen Hopkins and scripted by Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel. It is also supported by the Jessie Owens Foundation and the Jesse Owens Trust.

RACE  is one of three projects telling the Owens story. Anthony Mackie is reportedly looking for a distributor for his untitled film and famed director, Antoine Fuqua is attached to another movie that is based on the book, Triumph.

RC will keep you posted as these stories all continue to develop.

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