Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

In anticipation of its August 7, 2015 release date, Vivian Green’s fifth studio album Vivid, is now available for pre-order on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Along with their orders, fans will instantly receive a new song from the forthcoming release, “I’m Not Broken,” which debuted on today.

Produced entirely by Kwamé, Vivid is a far cry from the sad songs and break-up anthems Vivian has delivered on previous releases. “We wanted to make an album that was a reflection of who I am – this being my life as a woman,” Vivian tells Vibe. “A lot of our past music was very sad. I’m a different person now. I can’t possibly be in that place now. I would like them to embrace the change.

vivid inside“It’s still me,” she adds, “the same creative person who purges through her music just the same – just not depressing.” As evidenced by the first single “Get Right Back To My Baby,” on Vivid she is inviting her audience to dance, with a bevy of up-tempo songs blending with powerful ballads to further cement Vivian’s reputation as one of the foremost vocalists of her generation.

And if the single’s success is any indication, the fans who have followed the songbird since her hit debut single, “Emotional Rollercoaster,” are welcoming the new energy with open arms. “Get Right Back To My Baby” is currently Top 20 at the #13 position on Billboard’s “Adult R&B Songs” chart, thanks in no small part to the support of radio stations in major markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Vivian offers more of the same on the deceptively sweet, “123,” a throwback to Motown which remind a misbehaving lover how easily she can walk away; and the bouncy final track, “Leave It All Behind.”

While Vivid presents a change in direction, the album covers some familiar territory for Vivian Green fans, as evidenced by the assertive mid-tempo second single, “I’m Not Broken.” And with the support of Raheem Devaughn, she delivers one of two power ballads in “All I Want Is You.” Overall, Vivid is an ode to love, not heartbreak; a celebration of the highs and the lows, with a reminder that the lows are never around for long.

As with Vivian Green’s previous two releases, Vivid is being released independently and is the first project coming from Kwamé’s Make Noise/Caroline imprint. “Vivid gives the audience the fun, bubbly, and vibrant side of Vivian,” says Kwamé, “A side that her family and circle of friends know well, but the listener rarely gets to witness.”