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Summer is starting to HEAT up and things just got sexier as Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe sizzle on the summer cover of Kontrol Magazine. The couple brought their undeniable love and charm to the cover shoot as they get things ready for the Boris & Nicole show and the next chapter of their life. Check out some of what they had to say below:

Boris and Nicole feature 098 000

“It definitely was not love at first sight, it was more like, definitely a strong like [she laughs]…I was with someone else at the time…” Nicole hilariously explains. “I agree it was definitely a strong like, but over time and working together we cultivated a strong friendship…we were definitely good friends long before we became romantically involved…that friendship really set the foundation for our relationship and marriage…but it didn’t hurt she was beautiful too [he laughs]…”

Boris and Nicole inside

“Sometimes he [Boris] and I will be in the middle of an argument and I stop and look at him and I’m like ‘you know we can’t break up right?’ [She laughs aloud]…Like any couple we have our issues, I know his buttons and he knows mine, just like any other two people in a relationship we have to constantly work at not pushing them…”

The Summer Lust Issue of Kontrol is available on newsstands this month!  Also, check out a new promotional video featuring Nicole applauding Boris for being such a good father and husband.

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Photo Credits: Kontrol Magazine