Written by | Ray Cornelius

I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Trunk Show this afternoon for rising fashion designer, Brett Johnson at the Neiman Marcus – Lenox Square.  Johnson is currently on a national tour promoting his men’s clothing line, The Brett Johnson Collection (BJC), which he officially launched in 2013.


 Brett Johnson fitting a customer

According to the company’s website, BJC is “premium apparel that exudes style, sophistication, and edge for the global lifestyle.” The men’s line features a variety of polo shirts, bomber jackets mixed with leather & suede as well as blazers, raincoats, biker vests, pants and shoes. Prices range from $895 to $2195.


BJC includes a variety of blazers, sports jackets + leather mixed suede bombers

In addition to fashion, Johnson has also worked with legendary Italian auto manufacturer, Ferrari and also served as an executive producer for Lee Daniels’ The Butler, starring Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker and Robin Williams. He is also the son of BET founder, Robert L. Johnson.

Vaughn with Doc

 135 Street Agency’s Vaughn Alvarez signing up Dr. Rondrick Williamson

A few Atlanta celebrities stopped by to check out the collection including Dr. Rondrick Williamson, RL from the R&B group, Next and DTP’s Chaka Zulu. Johnson’s Trunk Show continues throughout the summer with more stops in Chicago, Miami and New York City.  Check out a few more photos below:

black jacket

 A black, hooded leather jacket that can become a vest

Jacket 2 Mixed shirt

 Summer looks from the Brett Johnson Collection


 Saptosa Foster of the 135th Street Agency

Brett with his dad

Brett Johnson with his father Robert L. Johnson

RL Brett with Jacket

 RL from the R&B group Next / Brett Johnson holding up his Desert Dust Nylon Raincoat


 Models wearing Brett Johnson Collection

Bob and Brett Johnson with RL

Brett Johnson with his father Robert L. Johnson and R&B singer RL from the group, Next

Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com