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On the heels of what may be the greatest installment within the FURIOUS 7 franchise, Vin Diesel sat down with VIBE Magazine to talk all things FURIOUS. During an emotional segment of the interview, Vin relives a memory of Paul Walker:

“The person that used to challenge me the most was Paul Walker. Every time I’d come out of a movie premiere we’d leave everybody else and it’d just be him and I to the side. And he’d always tell me, “The best one is still in the can.” And when the tragedy happened, I made a promise to him that I would do everything to make this the best movie in history.”

Vin also touches on the conception of the FURIOUS franchise stemming from a 1998 VIBE article:

“It’s really wild that you can trace The Fast & The Furious back to a VIBE article. Very cool. When I first got the call to meet with Rob Cohen, who was an executive at the time at Universal, they got this idea about “Racer X,” a film spotlighting that underground illegal street racing culture.”

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