Cast of WEtv’s ‘Cutting It In ATL’ Debut Trailer at Bronner Bros. – Day 2 [PHOTOS]

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On Sunday, the cast of WE tv’s upcoming “Cutting It in the ATL” gave attendees of the 68th Bronner Bros. Beauty Show a sneak peek of their new show. Cast members Beautii Joseph (Owner –  Spoiled Opulence), Maja Sly (Owner – Walk-In Weaves), Mushiya Tshikuka (Owner – The Damn Salon), Dedra Allen (Owner – J’Doah Salon) and LaKenya Morris (Stylist, J’Doah Salon) debuted a 4-minute trailer of the show during the “Champion of Weaves” competition.

Crowd Shot

The near-thousand attendees were captivated by the video, which promised a “wild season of do’s, disses and divas.” The cast also participated in one-on-one interviews with V-103, UPSCALE and Rolling Out. Additional attendees included “L.A. Hair” star Kim Kimble, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney.

The Cast 2

Maya Sly, Dedra Allen, LaKenya Morris, Beautii Joseph and Mushiya Tshikuka


RHOA star Claudia Jordan


Kim Kimble from WEtv’s “L.A. Hair”


RHOA Demetria McKinney

inside photo

“Cutting It in the ATL” premieres May 2015 on WE tv.

Photo Credits: James Pray

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