Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Want to learn those fierce dance moves like Beyoncé ? Well here’s your opportunity!

The I AM IKONIC Dance Convention will be held this Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend January 16-19, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia at TWELVE Atlantic Station Ballroom.  Attendees will receive personal attention and superior instruction from 17 of the best teachers and choreographers in the industry including Beyoncé’s dancer, Ashley Everett.

The goal of the weekend is to enhance the skills of the next generation of dancers through education and experience. Instructors consists of well-established and admired dancers who are currently working with top name entertainers such as Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, and Kanye West.

The convention will also offer seminars that will focus of specific topics of the interest as it pertains to being a dancer like health, wellness, fitness, finances, and choosing gigs and colleges.

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